The Staff of Life

My dreaded to-do list is growing ever longer: write, read, prepare for classes, do taxes, do paperwork, clean house, work on websites…. So what did I do today instead? I baked.

IKEA has a wonderful mix for Lingonbrod, a rye/whole wheat mix with dried lingonberries. It’s wonderfully nummy (I know what I’m taking for Brotzeit tomorrow!) — and it’s a welcome retreat from everything else.

I am assuming that my sister and brother in law made it out of Zurich today for their flight back to the states; I know they were delayed, and many flights were being canceled, but I also hope that if they got stuck they’d call me. I hear the CNN report over my shoulder at the moment of airport closings across Spain, France, and into Germany, as well as Ireland. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed until I hear from them.

I bought a new netbook Saturday: an Asus eeePC 1005PE. At the moment it’s running Win7 Starter, but I’m not sure I’ll keep it that way or not. It’s all in German, which I can deal with although I prefer not to, but the upshot of that is that Office is then also in German, and I’d have to spend another $10 for an English language pack to get the dictionaries and such. Hmph. We’ll see.

Well, all for now.


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