And the summer became the fall….

I was not ready for the winter…. (Thank you Stevie Nicks.) I had to turn the heat on in my house today. 54 degrees for the high, it’s predicted to frost this week. Oh, do I miss Key West!

It’s not quite October, and already it’s gotten too cold for this Southern Gal. I don’t mind the sixties, but the fifties are getting a bit too nippy, especially when it’s damp and overcast. It seems like last winter, when it was SOOO cold, I just couldn’t get warm. I can remember my hands being too cold to work the keyboard properly. Am I getting old, my blood growing thin? I can hear the faint chords of Jimmy Buffett’s “Boat Drinks” starting to play in my head…. It seems to be my theme song from October to April. So I’ve traded in my white linens for black and burgundy comforter, and looking around for an electric blanket to get me through the cold.

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