Way down in the south end of Nürnberg is a little two-screen movie theatre that shows “foreign-language” films—the Roxy-Kino. Usually this means English, but I’ve seen ads for Indian and Arabic films there too. It really is a small, out of the way place. There’s nothing else to do in the neighborhood, so it’s a destination rather than a spontaneous thing. The seats are so close to the screen that you have to sit in the back row to keep from breaking your neck!

There are usually around six to eight movies showing in rotation, and they’re open all week. Prices are pretty high: around €7 per show, more if it’s longer. There’s a small concession stand where you can get ice creams, kettle corn, Haribo gummi bears, and cokes in little glass bottles—and of course, beer.

Carmike Cinemas it aint. But we got to see Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda without dubbing, so it can’t be all bad.

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