A dip in the meme pool….

I CAN HAZ LOL DOG!!!1!1!!!!!

Yes, our hapless Siggy is now officially a LOLDOG. I submitted this photo and caption to the website “I Like Hotdog” via their fun and amusing “LOL Builder,” thus enshrining Sig forever in the annals of stupid web memes. I don’t know when it (or if) will be posted to their gallery, so I saved a copy of the pic to post here.

The number of LOL-meme websites is astounding. LOLdogs, LOLcats (the internet meme that started it all), FAILpics, and all sorts of others, all connected by the structure of funny pic combined with overlaid text in LOL-speak. I even found a site of “Upside Down Dogs” when Stumbling.

Yeah, I’ve developed procrastination to a fine art.

Now back to research…

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