Life north of the 49th parallel

It’s about 4:30 pm local time as I sit in a coffee shop in Erlangen, having a tea as I surf the web while waiting for my 6pm research colloquium. And it’s nearly full dark! That’s just depressing. At least it was a bit sunny today.

I sit here thinking of all the stuff I need to do for my blog: I realize it’s been nearly 6 weeks since I’ve posted anything! There are a ton of pictures I need (and want) to post, several bloggable events I’d like to write about, and a major software upgrade in the works (WordPress 2.7  is in late beta testing as we speak), which I have to deploy to a total of 5 sites (my blog, Sheridan’s, and Kevin’s are separate installations, as well as the “main” page and my research blog…).

But I’m tired. I make lists and they never get done. I plan research for my dissertation and then stare blankly at the books I should be reading. I spend way too much time Stumbling online and not getting anything productive done.

But there’s good news as well. I’m now teaching 3 English classes per week in Erlangen and Nürnberg, which brings in over 700 Euro per month, which goes a long way toward paying off student loans. Also, Mom is visiting in less than a week! I can’t wait… I’m really excited she’s going to be here during the Christmas markets in Nürnberg — the “Christmas City”!

So I won’t write much more at the moment, except to promise to update photos and such this weekend. I’ll fill in some posts from the past few weeks so the calendar isn’t so sparse. And of course complain a bit more about the cold and the snow!!!

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