Everything Happens.

So I’ve been really bad about posting regularly, or in fact at all. Life just kinda gets in the way, ya know? I keep saying “I should really blog this” or “this would make a great blog post” when I’m doing things, but then it seems I never get around to it.

For example:

  • My adventures in Paris in March. Unisex toilets, beggars, and Japanese actors, oh my!
  • Mom and Sheila’s visit in May, where we went to Frankfurt and Berchtesgaden, and even a few hours in Salzburg, Austria. Or even Mom’s visit in December for that matter.
  • My search for proper health insurance and renewing my visa so that i can stay here for a few more years. Even with socialized medicine getting insurance can be a bitch.
  • The Coffee Pot Episode, in which a loving family member started the coffee maker with no pot under the spout. Apparently the filter basket will only hold so much before it begins to overflow and run down behind and between and under the cabinets and you have to pull everything out of the kitchen to clean it up…
  • Our grumpy next door neighbor, who sleeps days and works nights, who has several times accosted me in the stairwell to bitch about Siggy hair in the stairwell, and about me closing the door too loudly when I take him out in the mornings, and whatever else he can think of.

Anyway, at the moment I’m sitting on my balcony surrounded by soul-healing plants (I love plants, but kill them, so one of Kevin’s jobs is to keep all the wonderful flora alive and safe from my black thumb). One of my very best friends, Linda, is asleep on my couch, having arrived for a much needed 10-day visit–it’s a really good thing for both of us, as we’ve supported each other through this entire PhD process in Athens, and we missed each other terribly with me here. Maybe her visit will give me the boost I need to get started on the diss again.

As my laptop battery is about to die, I’m going to go ahead and hit “Publish” and think of another post for later. Cheers, and have a beautiful day.

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