Zen and the Art of Driving in Atlanta….

Do you remember those shift-a-piece puzzles where you have to move the little car from one side of the board to the other amid all the other cars and trucks and stuff? Combine that with the scene from Clueless where Cher ends up on the Santa Monica Freeway by mistake, and you have an idea of how I felt driving around Atlanta during rush hour. *Breathe* I would tell myself. *Just Breathe*…

At one point I remember heading South on I-85 from Athens to Atlanta, which is six lanes plus a carpool lane each direction, *trying* to go about the same speed as the cars around me (over the speed limit, of course, but not as bad as Toledo) and coming up behind some schmuck going about 40! Like the Red Sea before Moses, cars were parting to each side of this bozo, going around him, and because I hesitated, I ended up stuck behind him! I was sure I was going to get rear-ended! *sigh* But I figure I got used to Toledo, I’ll get used to Atlanta.

Toledo drivers really suprised me when I first moved up there. I mean, I was used to driving in Tennessee, where the speed limit is 70 but everyone drives about 74. In NW Ohio, the speed limit is 65, but everyone does 80! A car length between you and the guy in front at that speed is a guarantee that two cars will try to get between you! Of course, Toledo is only an hour south of Detroit, and everyone knows about Michigan Drivers!

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