Another Term Down!

So I’m working this summer on a video project for Mike Hussey of the Interactive Media Lab, which is way cool and lots more fun than sitting in a German classroom 3 hours a day reviewing stuff I already know. I’m also going to be working with C.B. Davis on my writing, looking at a few of my papers to see if they have the potential to be turned into articles worthy of submission.

Next week Kevin, Sheridan, and I are headed down to Tampa for Memorial Weekend. We’ll be on the beach by Thursday evening! MMMM, sand, surf…. No Worries! Then on the 31st I’m taking Sheridan and the Girl Scout Troop to the Atlanta Zoo for an overnight trip… I’m sure that will be interesting!

I’m looking forward to the summer…. It’s going to be a lot of work, taking classes, reading for comps, and working the publicity office, but it will be fun! Different classes, hands-on stuff.

So that’s the way my summer is looking.

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