Denmark and Freedom of Speech

I said before that I wouldn’t write about politics on these pages, but I’m outraged by the reactions to the Danish newspaper’s (Jyllands Posten) printing of several editorial cartoons that show the Muslim prophet Mohammed in a disparaging light. I mean, burning down the Danish Embassy? I suppose it’s okay for the militants in the East to carry signs showing our leaders as devils, but the free West can’t publish a simple caricature.

There are those who believe that incidents like this are moving us directly toward a third World War… only this time it will be one of religion, Christian vs. Muslim… or, at least, non-Muslim vs. Muslim. Just think of the countless innocents who will suffer at the hands of a few who’s entire world-view centers on hate and intolerance (and I’m not just talking about Muslim here).

Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, it is important to remember that our country in particular is founded on the idea of freedom; that free speech, the right to dissenting opinion, is not just one of the Bill of Rights, but the basis of our society. We should all support Denmark and those who would say the dangerous thing…. We must not allow the rights of any individual to be eroded through inaction or fear.
It is Benjamin Franklin who said, “Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither.”

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