Well, “houseless” rather, as Kev likes to say. I’m sitting at my sister’s in Ohio right now, about 10 days before heading to Germany. We have our apartment confirmed, although I have to go through some acrobatics to get moved in: arrive in Frankfurt, rent a car and pile in people, dog, and stuff, drive to Nürnberg, find a “Sparkasse” so that I can pay deposit and first month’s rent, take the receipt to the WBG office, sign the lease and pick up the key, then we can finally get into the apartment and collapse!

The highlighted area is our apartment… Three nice-sized rooms, a tiny kitchen, and an even smaller bathroom! We will have to go furniture shopping pretty quickly, since the kitchen is TOTALLY unfurnished — not even a sink — which is typical of German apartments. Fortunately, there’s an incredible furniture and household store nearby called “Mömax” that’s like Ikea on steroids — we should be able to buy everything we need there.

The apartment is “2nd Obergeschoss” which is literally the second level over the main level — 3rd floor. No elevator, so we’ll get our exercise! We’re only about a block from the U-Bahn station at Bärenschanze — which means “Bear-dig” in German  — and only a few minutes by U-Bahn or bicycle from the old part of the city.

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