Ransoming the dog (Part Two)

To recap:

It’s now after 12:00. I’ve been up for a day and a half. I’m hungry, tired, thirsty, can hardly think in English, much less in German, and I’m trying to rescue my dog from Lufthansa Cargo so that we can get to Nürnberg in time to get the keys to our apartment and crash.

The state vet approves Siggy’s entry into Bayern (apparently not an automatic process—a couple I was waiting with was told their pet parrot would be turned over to the zoo because it was considered a dangerous bird—an African Grey they had raised by hand with no history of aggression. I certainly hope they had luck in their appeal. The poor lady was in tears.).

Back to the first office, I’m told that I have to go to the customs office to clear Siggy through customs. The official gives me a map, showing me where the office is in relation to the Lounge—of course, it’s behind the gate.

I head back out to the van, wake up the peanut gallery, and we drive up to the registration office, get a gate pass, and head toward customs to get the dog, following the map I was given.

Unfortunately, you can’t drive there. There’s a big security gate across the road—emergency vehicles only—and a turnstile walk-through gate. I park Vanzilla and walk to the turnstiles—gee, you need a separate magnetic pass to get through! Too bad the helpful folks back at the Lounge didn’t mention this.

To top it off, when I get back to the van, Sheridan’s nose has started bleeding. She’s prone to nosebleeds when she’s stressed. She’s crying, has blood all down her shirt and shorts, and she and Kev are as much a wreck as I am. Our only choice is to head back to the Animal Lounge.

We return to the lounge and get Sheridan up to the bathroom where Kev can help her clean up. I grab a change of clothes for her, and leave her and Kev while I go back to the main office. “How can I get the dog and his crate when I can’t get to the customs building with the van?” “Oh no,” says the helpful agent in German. “Your dog is here, you take the paperwork to the office only.” **sigh** “So I need a pass for the gate….” “Oh, of course!”  —now they think of this.

Armed with pass and paperwork, I leave Kev & Sheridan behind to finish cleaning up and walk to the customs office. It’s not a short distance. Customs is another €30 but no hassle, I get the nice, official stamps on all Siggy’s paperwork (German officials love stamps!) and head back to the Lounge. I stopped to get Sheridan a Coke at a machine on the way.

Back at the Lounge, they bring us out the dog crate, complete with a very confused and haggard-looking Siggy!

It’s now almost 1:30. We have everyone finally, and drive off in search of the Autobahn toward Nürnberg. But that’s another story….

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