So much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it.

Wow, it’s been a busy month. I’ve got all sorts of stories to tell. I’m sitting in my favorite leather chair shipped all the way from Athens, GA to make my life a little more comfortable, finally got it on Tuesday and have been vying for time in it with both Kev and Sheridan … if I hesitate one of them gets the chair! Hmph!

Mom says I have to write all this stuff down before I forget it, and I’m doing just that. I have a list in Word of over twenty topics I want to post about, and they’re going to come slowly over the next couple weeks. Now that we have all the basic necessities of life (furniture, food, internet, DVDs, books, and boardgames!) I feel like I can take a big breath and relax a bit, start filling everyone in on what life is like over on this side of the Atlantic.

Sheridan’s last day of school was today (she’s been a guest student the past few weeks and will be starting the 6th grade with everyone else in mid-September), so we’re trying to make some plans to travel a bit over the month of August. Money’s tight, though, after setting up household (everything was so expensive with the dollar as weak as it is), so we can’t travel much — not to mention the fact that we have to find boarding or a sitter for Siggy. Right now our plans include a kid’s festival at the park down the street this weekend, and the Tucher Spectaculum medieval festival next weekend. After that, we’ll see.

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