Comic #430
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English is a funny language. Over the past few months, I’ve been working hard on improving my German, while at the same time working on my TEFL certification. Well, I’ve completed both my intensive German class and the TEFL work, and it’s really interesting comparing the two.

I’ve been particularly frustrated with the TEFL course. It didn’t really teach me anything I didn’t already know. And of course, Kev has had to go through separate training at Berlitz, so why the TEFL class at all? I’m now working through the separate modules after the main one: Grammar Specialist, Young Learners, Business English, Teaching on a Budget (HA!), and Large Classes. I have until Nov. 3 to finish the modules before my course access expires—not too big a deal, since I’m done with the first two and half-way through the third.

I’ve made a connection through NICE (Sheridan’s English group which meets on Fridays) which might be a possibility for me to teach English on a part-time basis. I can only work a limited number of hours right now, (1) because I need to get the dissertation finished, and (2) because as a student I can only work 90 full or 180 half days per year (as per my visa). But the extra cash would come in handy. Maybe I can work on paying off those student loans ASAP—or maybe I should hang on to the cash until the exchange rate favors the euro?

Anyway. A TEFL certification opens doors. It helps that I have a teaching certificate in English (expired, but I can get that fixed) and a near-PhD.

Bis bald!

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