Tech Tragedy!

We’ve had a major injury here at the Squirrel household. Sheridan’s laptop, typically stored on the keyboard tray of her desk, suffered a nasty fall when said keyboard tray slipped off its tracks and crashed to the floor, taking her laptop with it!

The good news is that it still works, mostly. The bad news is that the screen is cracked, so it’s now a very small desktop — LCD’s are fidgety, and while it’s mostly viewable at the moment I’m afraid if she moves it around too much she will lose the screen entirely.

It’s also having some issues on startup and shutdown, and I’m not sure if that’s from the fall or if it’s just because Vista sucks. At any rate, Sheridan has found herself in need of a new computer, and she’s decided on a MacBook (another one to the Dark Side…)!

I’ve told her that as long as this computer is working, we can’t afford to go out and buy her a new one, but she’s keeping all her files on a flash card just in case the notebook dies completely and unexpectedly. She’s also saving her pennies for a new one, which if we buy in the US will run around $900. Unfortunately, they also run around €900 here, too… meaning that they’re about 30% more expensive due to the exchange rate. So our best bet is to buy in the US and have it sent here as a gift.

So today I’m officially starting the Sheridan Laptop Replacement Fund. I’ve offered to match the funds she saves dollar for dollar. If anyone else is willing to pitch in toward her fund, let me know and I’ll post the ongoing results here.

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