Golf License?

I’ve said before that everything in Germany takes 3 weeks and a stamp. Well, apparently everything also takes a license.

Now, in the US, many places require a fishing license to go fishing. Fine. You go to the local Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, or whatever, fill out the form, pay a fee, and get a license — a permit, if you will.

Not in Germany.

In Germany you have to get an ACTUAL fishing license — the kind where you take lessons and an exam, just like a driver’s license! Here’s more information about it. Wow… just… wow.

I tell you that to tell you this: I found out today that you have to have a license to play golf! It’s called a Platzreife, and you must pass not only a written test (24 out of 30 questions, only given in German) but a skill test as well — putting and chipping, etc — and then play a round of 18 holes with a pro, with a score of 108 strokes or less.

In case you’re wondering whether I’ve lost my mind and decided to pick up a hobby…. Today in one of the English courses I teach, a participant gave a presentation about golf, and mentioned it when talking about the differences between golfing in the US and Germany. I was astounded!

So Jon, Lisa, if you plan to play while you’re here, bring a handicap card from the country club, if you’ve got one handy. They won’t let you play otherwise!

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