1600 words…

I’ve set a new goal for myself: 5 pages a week on the dissertation, even if it’s dreck that I’ll have to rewrite once DZS tears through it. At least with something I have something to improve on! I managed to get a few pages written today. 1600 words, about 7 pages, which doesn’t sound like much, but comparatively, I feel like I’ve written a book! I would have done more but I need to prepare for class tomorrow. I do have free time between classes tomorrow, so I’ll write then, maybe get a bit more done. Yay!

One of the “tips and tricks” I’ve read is to never stop writing when you’re done. I know that sounds odd, but the trick here is apparently to stop in mid-thought, so that it’s easier to pick it up the next time. if you stop at the end of a thought, you have a harder time remembering where you were going next. So at the end of my document I put a few bullet points indicating where I was headed. Hope it works.

In other news, I think I finally have my MacBook back to where it should be. It’s only taken me 10 days to get things fixed! In all honesty, I didn’t HAVE to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system, but with only a 100Gb hard drive divided between OS X and Windows, I was having a hard time finding space. We tend to download movies and TV series, and they take up a lot of space. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this laptop, though, just a small HD and a battery that won’t charge. I’ve about decided to turn this MacBook into a “desktop” and buy a new netbook for work — but first I’m going to try to replace the SD in my Acer with an iPod HD I have lying around. This Acer is as slow as molasses running Windows, but I can’t use it with Linux because it doesn’t support my O2 surfstick — and what good’s a netbook without an internet connection? Well, we’ll see how that goes.

So, I’ve kept my promise about writing this week, both for the dissertation and the blog, and I’m feeling pretty good about it! Go me!

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