Oh, Happy Day!

It’s so nice to find a broadband access point when travelling. It’s almost like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It’s been about three weeks since experiencing the joy of broadband, and I’m finally connected again, if only for a few hours. Nirvana!

I’m hanging out at Kevin’s house this evening, and he’s got a cable modem, so I’m able to upload pictures and movies! Hurrah! I’ll be caught up again on my picture struggle, and just have to put them in galleries, thanks to Jim’s wonderful mtGallery 0.1b app he developed for me. I guess that makes me *drumroll* The Beta-Tester! *oooh*

I didn’t realize how much I would miss broadband until I had to rely on dialup. EEEK! In a nutshell: Broadband=Good, Dialup=Bad. Any Questions?

So as I wait for my pictures and movies to load in a matter of minutes rather than hours (a total of 14 hours in Atlanta waiting for uploads) I can check software updates and email. Hurrah! I feel like a junkie who’s just scored a hit of pure stuff……. *grin* And so I’m off to enjoy romping in the land of broadband while I have a chance……

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