I know what the problem is….

We’re trying to do too much in one trip. The trip’s too long. Next time, two weeks (unless we go to Europe) and one location. I vote for the beach somewhere. Hilton Head is tops on my list right now. I can’t imagine how much cooler Key West will be!

It’s about time Sheridan and I both lived up to our astrological signs. After all, I’m a Cancer, the Crab, The Moon, a strong Water sign; Sheridan is an Aquarius, The Water Bearer….. I think we’re both missing our calling NOT living on a beach somewhere. I wonder if there’s a decent drama department somewhere near here? (Hilton Head, that is) I could teach at the beach. Gee, I sound like Dr. Seuss! *gryn* Now where is the real estate section of this paper? (The Island Packet, it’s called!)

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