Will there be a 2004 Tour?

Right now I’m beginning to think that this long trip may not have been such a great idea after all. It’s way too stressful, when it’s supposed to be relaxing. So far Sheridan has broken her DVD player, spilled so many drinks in the car that I’ve banned drinking in the backseat, poked holes through the vinyl upholstery with toothpicks, had a meltdown in the middle of the hall at the UGA drama department (in front of my prospective advisor!) because it was time to go to lunch and she was busy playing Legos, forgotten things twice at hotels that I’ve had to double back to get, complained that there’s nothing to do, complained that there’s too much to do, stayed up until after eleven then complained that I sent her to bed, turned the TV on at 6:30 am at full volume, or rolled around in the bed (we have to share a king in Atlanta) talking, kicking, poking me, until I kicked her out of bed with a swat on the bottom.

I’m just so frustrated because nothing’s ever good enough, nothing’s ever “enough” enough, no matter what I do. She has been so disrespectful and selfish, and thinks she can make it all better by saying “I love you Mommy”…. not even an “I’m sorry.” Am I being too harsh? Or should I be able to expect her to not deliberately destroy things, or to take better care of the things she has? I just look at all the money I’m spending on this trip, and all she does is complain. Why bother? Why not just stay home and not spend the money? She wouldn’t complain any more than she is now, and I’d get my work done.

*sigh* I’ve already told her that the next trip I take will not include her. I’ve threatened, swatted bottoms, taken things away…. What else can I do? This is driving me crazy. Vacations are supposed to be *fun*, but I’m beginning to regret going on this one. It will be a looooooong time before we do this again.

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