Classes Start!

Well, today is the first day of classes for the fall term at UGA! I’m taking Theatre History (yes, AGAIN!!! -blink blink- ), Interactive Media as Theatre, and History of Cinema I (up to 1945). I’m also taking a seminar on “Intro to Grad Studies” that all first year grad students are required to take.

As far as my assistantship goes, I’m doing publicity 1/2 time (8 hours) in a publicity office that has three grad assistants, student workers, and a budget! We do more than press releases and programs. It’s going to be pretty cool. For my other 8 hours, I’m splitting it between the Virtual Vaudeville project ( and the fall production of A Christmas Carol, adapted by MFA student Joelle Arp-Dunham and using the IPL and media, as Media Director. Way Cool!

Also, once I take the History of Cinema class I’m probably going to be teaching Intro to Film! Fun! I’m really psyched by all the opportunities I have here at UGA! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed BGSU, and there are some AWESOME profs there, but they just didn’t have the resources to do what I needed. I mean, look at the trouble I had with Hamletmachine -sigh- .

Anyway, that’s what gives for now.

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