Did I mention I broke my foot?

Yeah, about 5 weeks ago (mid-July) I was at the pool with Sheridan and, like an idiot, jumped in the shallow end with her without bending my knees, landed on my heel HARD and chipped my heel bone. Couldn’t walk at all for a couple days…

So when we went to Orlando I ended up going to one of those outpatient clinic places, they did X-rays, and sure enough, I’d broken my foot. The doc said basically, “Yep, It’s broken; nope, we can’t do anything. Here’s some pain pills, it’s gonna hurt for a while.” (Sigh) So I have to walk on a broken foot. Gee, fun for my first week of school. And of course right now I don’t have insurance, I have to apply as soon as my loan check arrives. Then I can go back to the student health center and have them look at my foot again, see if maybe I need to go to a podiatrist. And all for a day at the pool.

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