And now for the Weekend Update

Well, classes for Spring term start in two days and I still haven’t registered…. But it’s not my fault….

I’m still waiting for my transcript from BGSU so that I can register. I called the Registrar’s Office at BGSU and according to them, sealed transcripts were sent out to me on Thursday the 30th. It’s now 1/8 and I haven’t gotten them yet. I’m beginning to get a little worried. I have to get registered or I’ll lose my assistantship, my place in the department, and everything. I’m more than a little upset at the whole mess.

On the brighter side, I’m giving my first conference paper in February! My paper on the impact of technology on the live theatre (some of my first research into Postmodern Theatre) was accepted at University of Toronto’s FOOT 2005 (Festival of Original Theatre). I’ll be there February 9-13. I’m a little nervous, and it looks like I’ll be going by myself.

I’m also directing for our “Producing the New Script” class: “The Ticket” by Dan Zellner of Chicago’s Second City. It’s an improv piece done in commedia style, with a great cast of MFA acting students and Commedia Troupe undergrads. In March we’ll take the production to Chicago and perform at the Second City. After that we’ll take the show to area venues, honing and experimenting.

So that’s it for the weekend update. More later!

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