Registered and Rarin' to Go!

Well I FINALLY got my “flags” cleared up and was able to register for classes. This is a good thing, as I can continue to get behind in my reading and stay up late at nights to finish writing, etc. All in the name of academe! …

I found out yesterday that the Second City traveling troupe will be on campus on Monday, performing at the Tate Center. *sigh* Wish we had known about it earlier…. seeing as how our New Script class is improv-based and working with Second City. — Right Hand, meet Left Hand — What a missed opportunity! Hopefully we’ll still be able to at least go see the show.

The five PhD students are meeting weekly to discuss PhD matters and to have a writing workshop. We’re each bringing in a paper to trade with the others. I’m bringing my Barbie paper, which I’d like to publish. Let’s see what happens.

Sheridan’s birthday is next week! Can’t believe she’s 8. She’s having a skating party… 20-odd preadolescents at Skate-A-Round for four hours… whee, fun!

So until next installment….

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