The German Film Rating System Sucks!

Sheridan, Kevin, and I made plans to go to Cinecitta to see the English-language version of Batman: The Dark Knight this evening. In the US, it’s rated PG-13. Sheridan has seen PG-13 movies before, and she was really looking forward to this one.

We headed down to Cinecitta and had dinner at the American Grill there. Cinecitta is really cool! They’ve got about 18 screens, plus an IMAX theatre, and a “MAD” simulation theatre, as well as several restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. It’s on the river, close to the U-Bahn, and also near O’Shea’s Irish Pub, where we’ve eaten a couple times.

While S & K were finishing dinner, I went downstairs to buy the tickets. Movie tickets in Germany are interesting. When you buy them, you are assigned seating like in the live theatre in the US.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get that far. Under the German Film Rating System (FSK), Dark Knight is rated “ab 16” which means you have to be at least 16 to see the movie. Even with parents.

FSK is an interesting system, and much more restrictive than the US. Even Kung-Fu Panda and Wall-E are rated “ab 6”!

So if we were in the US, she could see Batman: The Dark Knight. Here, no.

Guess we’ll wait for the DVD.

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