They're all named Johann!

Rob Paravonian is a really funny comedian with a grudge. His YouTube video “Pachelbel Rant” takes on all the popular songs which rely on the melody from Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major. We found this link stumbling through the interwebs a couple weeks ago (if you’ve never used StumbleUpon, I highly recommend it!), and Kev, Sheridan and I all loved it. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now so you’re up on the backstory….

Last week, while Sheridan was in Berlin, Kevin and I went on a walk through the Nürnberg Altstadt. We walked around the city walls, visited the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, and wandered through the historical old town. One of the spots we visited was St. Sebald, a medieval cathedral near the Hauptmarkt. Whether you’re religious or not, the beauty of the construction is breathtaking! I remembered the class I took at Bowling Green (Period Style and Form) where we discussed Gothic architecture, and Romanesque vs. Gothic cathedrals, and I felt like I was standing in a history book. The cathedral was heavily damaged by bombing during WWII, and much of it is a memorial to the war, a reminder to never let something like the  Nazi horrors happen again (Nürnberg was a center for Nazi activities in the 1930s and 40s).

One of the placards outlining the medieval history of the church mentioned that Pachelbel was born in Nürnberg, and returned here for the last decade of his life, writing chamber music for the St. Sebald cathedral.

I had to point this out to Kev, who suggested we send a photo to Rob Paravonian. But we figure he’s dealt with this Johann enough.

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