And there was great rejoicing…

Well, I finally got a call from Vodafone today! Apparently we’ll be getting our DSL hooked up on 30.04.09 – two weeks from the phone call (sigh)…. So I was wrong about “three weeks and a stamp” – apparently it’s going to take more along the line of 6 weeks!

So here I am again, sitting in the ubiquitous Mr. Bleck, plugging away at my Lappy. I have to say, I’m really glad I got the Acer netbook. At about a kilo, it’s a hell of a lot easier to carry around that my MacBook, and I’m not as worried about losing it. Not that I want to lose the Acer, but it was only $300 rather than $2500, and it doesn’t have all my research work on it either! So it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it disappeared.

Sheridan and I are out today shopping for some furniture. Kevin and I are buying a desk for our new living room, so that we have somewhere to work on both our English classes and on my dissertation. There’s a great nook in the LR that’s perfect for a desk, and the L-shaped one we’re ordering is big enough that we can both work at once.

We also have to buy Sheridan a new bed. Her loft bed doesn’t work in the new apartment since the ceiling is lower, so we took it off the “loft” legs, and right now the mattress is pretty much sitting on the floor. Without the loft for her desk to sit under, the room is pretty cramped. So we’re getting her a twin bed that’s daybed-style with rolling under-bed storage. That’s about 20 inches narrower than the loft (it’s the size of a full bed) so she’ll have more floor space. She didn’t really need that big of a bed, but she  did like having the loft. Ah well. It’s always a trade-off.

The big trouble with buying furniture is that we don’t have any way to transport it… it’s not like we can carry a mattress on the U-Bahn! Paying for delivery is the best option, since the last time I rented a vehicle I ended up with Vanzilla! Don’t want that again.

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