Germans love their eggs. Year-round you can buy brightly-colored hardboiled eggs at the grocery store, in 6- or 10-packs just like regular eggs. Also, most of the “belegte Brötchen” (literally, little breads laid with stuff, or sandwiches) will have slices of hard-boiled egg on them. And I’ve seen a number of pizzas with “Eier” listed as an topping!

As you know, I don’t particularly care for cold hard-boiled eggs… much in the same way that I don’t care for cold wet weather or really bad coffee… that is, I go out of my way to avoid it, but I don’t run screaming in the other direction. So I’m particularly careful to look for eggs in ingredient lists.

So I had lunch today at a local restaurant called “La Brasserie” in the main shopping district of Erlangen. Imagine my surprise when my lasagna was stuffed with large slices of HARD. BOILED. EGGS!!!!!!! Now, I do have to admit that the menu simply said “lasagne” and I didn’t really think about it…. I noticed peas and other greenery in the layers, which really didn’t bother me, but eggs? Quite… um… interesting!

Fortunately, these eggs were warm, and while unusual, they didn’t trigger the gag reflex that cold boiled eggs do. And it definitely wasn’t as bad as the time I ended up with “Thunfish” on my pizza!

Until later!

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  1. I agreeeeee!!!! Cold boiled eggs remind me of my days in chemistry lab…they have the aroma of a hydrogen sulfide generator. Remind me to be careful when I get there.

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